Automatic Daily NCOA Updates

Free NCOA updates:

For Organizations with a 501(c)(3) status, TrueNCOA provides you the ability to update your file to look for recent moves. This complimentary service helps you keep your address records current.

When you initiate a file update, we will re-process your file and identify any of your contacts that have filed a Change of Address with the USPS since your purchase. Login today to download these additional records for FREE for 95 days after purchase.

Don't be alarmed if you only see a few records on your download file. Your new file will only include the additional moves we found when we re-processed your file. Instead of your full file, you'll just see the new addresses.

Active File NCOA Re-processing:

It would be a real bummer to process your file only to miss out on a change of address that's filed a few weeks (or days) afterwards. Our solution is here! We now provide you an update button to re-process your active file and provide a weekly update free of charge. Active files are those that were first processed within the last 95 days.

This free, complimentary service helps you get as many standardized and updated addresses as possible. This process runs your addresses with a record_type of either Active or Current through TrueNCOA daily to check for additional moves. When we find additional moves, we'll send you a weekly notification email with a link to download them.

This weekly supplementary file will only have your new moves, so it will probably be just a few rows of data. It's free to download, and ready to use. We don't aggregate these results, so you'll have to download the results each time. You may receive several notification emails during those 90 days, and you'll get the most out of the service if you download the results from each notification.

Read our Output Guide to learn more about the data the TrueNCOA process returns. The guide provides steps on how to find your mailable addresses, your old addresses, and duplicate records.

To best understand the data we return, TrueNCOA recommends you review our Data Dictionary. This provides descriptions of each field on your downloaded file.

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