Update With NCOA Before a Data Append

TrueNCOA ensures you have the most up to date address information

Even if you do not send direct mail, NCOA processing can improve your match rates for demographic and other data appends. An estimated 12% of Americans move each year, making it important to keep your database up to date when appending data.

TrueNCOA standardizes addresses and provides updates for 18 and 48 month moves, as well as free weekly updates for 95 days with each $20 purchase. This ensures that your database stays up to date, so you always receive the best match rates.

View your total moves before you purchase

When you process a file for free with TrueNCOA you will receive our complimentary report. This provides details such as total 18 and 48 month moves, vacant and invalid addresses, moves by date and state, potential direct mail savings cost and more.

If there have been no moves on your file, there is no obligation to purchase. Organizations with a 501(c)(3) status can update their file for free for 95 days after purchase. Learn more here.

Moves by state from a sample complimentary TrueNCOA report

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy. Register for a free account, upload and process your file, then instantly view our complimentary TrueNCOA report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing your total moves and estimated savings, your file is available for immediate download. Your purchased NCOA results include standard 18 month moves as well as 48 month moves. Plus Organizations with a 501(c)(3) status can get free weekly updates for 95 days free of charge!

Give us a try...

TrueNCOA will save you at least $20 and keep you USPS compliant at no extra cost if you are mailing more than 850 records each year. Learn more about unlimited, flat rate service here or email  support@truencoa.com with questions.