Get Started With The NCOA API In Minutes

The NCOA Application Programming Interface (NCOA API) is free for developers to write code to integrate our product into their product.  If you're a CRM, content provider, mailshop, or service bureau, you can use the API to improve your products for your customers.

You can download our back-end command line source code, test via Postman, or download our command-line application.

Need your NCOA report right now? Visit this page ( to see how to get started immediately.  You'll be done in minutes, and it won't cost you a dime to view your report.

  1. Get an account. Register your account in our testing environment to get started immediately - or simply use your existing login.  We recommend using a separate API account to ensure it cannot be locked out accidentally.
  2. Code it up. View our samples, download the source to our working command-line interface (CLI).  We support all languages, but if you need help, contact
  3. POST input data.  We have a fully supported sandbox environment on our testing site which is free for you to work with, so you don't waste credits.  You can see your files being processed in real time by logging in while you are testing your application.
  4. GET records.  Once the data has been processed, you can get your Report and output right away.  We support a number of output formats to make it easier to work with the data (CSV/JSON).

Open Source Code Repository and Postman Resources

Command Line Interface (CLI)

TrueNCOA CLI Click the icon above or here - This was built using Visual Studio Community Edition, you can get that here for free:

You can also download the stand-alone application here:  Command Line Interface  There's information here,, to help you through getting it up and running.  It should only take about 5 minutes.

Postman Collection

We’ve created a Postman Collection that contains all the API endpoints, including documentation. You can also view the documentation here -

Our API V1 is still available here:

This is a quick and easy way to become more familiar with our API and how it works.