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TrueNCOA is a 100% online, self-service application with the fastest turnaround times and the lowest cost in the industry.

Our service helps you improve deliverability rates, save money through postage discounts, eliminate wasted postage by updating addresses, and keep databases free of outdated and inaccurate addresses by applying the most advanced hygiene tools in the industry.

We don't believe in charging according to traditional pricing models, which often require a high minimum number of records and include additional fees to export your updated data. Instead, TrueNCOA is the only service to provide full 18 and 48-month moves at one low price - $20.  No one can match our features and price - no one.

Our team of technologists, product managers, and client services personnel are here to help, and we aim to deliver simple, clean, and effective solutions.  From our first release to our current, we are constantly improving the product to help you get the most out of our services.

Need your TrueNCOA report right now? Visit this page (truencoa.com/getting-started) to see how to get started immediately.  You'll be done in minutes and it won't cost you a dime to find out if you need to purchase the updates.

Get your full 18 and 48 month NCOA report with no purchase required.

When you run your file with TrueNCOA your file processes for free and you get a complimentary TrueNCOA Report (here's an example). We also include a free version of our Move Map.

Accounts are free, and pricing is pay-as-you-go.

With the $20/file pricing, you will receive:
- Updated addresses for 18 and 48-month moves
- Address standardization
- Identified Move Types
- Identified Address Types
- Identified Vacancies
- An Interactive Move Map

* If your constituent filed a move with the USPS within the last 18 months we consider that to be an 18-month move. Your output file will include those updated addresses.
* 48-month moves are ones where your constituent moved between 19 and 48 months ago. Your output file will include those updated addresses.

Learn more about TrueNCOA Pricing.

TrueNCOA takes your privacy and data security seriously.

TrueNCOA respects the privacy of everyone in our data universe.

All data uploaded to TrueNCOA through https://app.truencoa.com is secured using 256-bit HTTPS TLS encryption, the same level as online banking. Uploaded data is physically separated, never commingled, and stored on an encrypted file system. The NCOA process uses merged keys encrypted with a one-way, session-level, private hash that cannot be decrypted by any other users, process, or session. Once the NCOA data is returned, all input is destroyed and your output keys are retained until you delete the file. We retain output keys to provide the weekly update service so you can receive move notifications when you initiate a weekly update. (Available to organizations with a 501(c)(3) status only.)

For more information, read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.


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