NCOA Pricing and Features Comparison Update

Compare NCOA pricing and features for NCOA service providers

TrueNCOA has updated our NCOA pricing and features to include ncoa-easy.comEZ24x7 and GoData so that you can make a purchasing decision with the best available information. If you are a service provider and would like us to update your product information listed, please contact

We compiled the information from provider's websites across the most common features:

  • USPS NCOA dataset
  • NCOA analysis try-before-you-buy
  • Minimum fee
  • Update notifications
  • Updates included with purchase
  • Turnaround time
  • Setup fees
  • Volume requirement
  • Input file formats
  • Dynamic record-level name parsing
  • CASS certification
  • CASS report
  • USPS Delivery Point Validation
  • USPS SuiteLink
  • DPV codes
  • File process notifications
  • Required software
  • Secure web-based file upload
  • Full data automation
  • De-duplicate filtering
  • NCOA Rate
  • Price Per 1000 Records

We then completed each feature according to whether or not the information was available on the provider's website.  If we couldn't find it, we simply populated it with "n/a".

Click image for a full list of ncoa pricing and features

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