NCOA – Identify Vacant Properties for Real Estate Investment

TrueNCOA allows you to process your file for free and see the total number of vacant addresses before you purchase

When you process a file for free with TrueNCOA you will receive our complimentary report. This provides total 18 and 48 month moves identified with USPS NCOA, vacant and invalid addresses, moves by date and state, potential direct mail savings cost and more.

This allows you to view details such as total vacant addresses on your file before you make a purchase.

Details from a sample complimentary TrueNCOA report

The USPS will indicate that an address is vacant for one of the following reasons:

  • The address appears vacant (though someone may still be residing at the address or picking up mail from the address).
  • Mail is not being removed from the box.
  • The customer is residing at a new address.
  • The address is new construction.

The USPS follows the these guidelines regarding vacant addresses:

  • Rural addresses are considered 'vacant' after 90 days have passed.
  • City addresses are considered 'vacant' at the carrier's discretion.
  • For apartments, the carrier is usually notified once a new customer moves into the vacant apartment.

Accounts are free, and pricing is pay-as-you-go.

With the $20/file pricing, you will receive:
- Updated addresses for 18 and 48-month moves
- Address standardization
- Identified Move Types
- Identified Address Types
- Identified Vacancies
- An Interactive Move Map

* If your constituent filed a move with USPS NCOA within the last 18 months we consider that to be an 18-month move. Your output file will include those updated addresses.
* 48-month moves are ones where your constituent moved between 19 and 48 months ago. Your output file will include those updated addresses.

You can view our getting started video here and learn how to find vacant addresses on your file here.

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