Changes to TrueNCOA File Update Process – Moves With No Forwarding Address

TrueNCOA has recently made changes to the file update process to make it smarter and more efficient

Consumers submit change of address forms to the USPS voluntarily. As a result, some individuals submit a change of address form without providing a forwarding address.

Records that are identified as having a move with no forwarding address will return a single line in your export results with a record_type of "H" indicating the address is historical and a match_flag value of "F", "G", or "K" indicating that this is a move with no forwarding address.

You can review the match_flag, NXI codes, or ANK codes for additional details regarding why a particular record was marked as a move with no forwarding address. You can read more about these move record fields here and find code definitions in our data dictionary here.

In order to better identify any potential changes to these records, we have improved our file update process. As a result of these changes, "Move, no forwarding" records may continue to be returned in your update file export. We do this because consumers can put in a change of address days, months, even years after they initially indicated a move with no forwarding address. We need to include those records each week to attempt to find any new moves.

These H records may be returned in each update until the move information has been removed from the USPS move database or a move address has been returned. This change will make our update process smarter and more efficient and as always is free of charge with your 95 day free update period.

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