Release 25

Release 25 New Features

Credit Limit Notification Setting

TrueNCOA created a new user setting that will send an email alert when your account is getting low on credits. TrueNCOA will notify you when the number of credits in your account reaches the amount specified in your user settings. This can help you avoid NCOA service interruptions. You can specify the amount by following these steps:

1) Navigate to your user settings by clicking the user icon in the top right corner of TrueNCOA.

truencoa user settings
Click the person icon to find your TrueNCOA settings.

2) Enable the checkbox next to the Credit Limit Notification.

credit limit notification enabled
Use the checkbox to enable the credit limit notification.

3) In the box near the setting, type the minimum number of credits in  your TrueNCOA account you want to receive a notification for (numbers only).

credit limit notification scheduled
Specify a minimum number of credits in your TrueNCOA account so that we know when to send you the notification email.

For example, if you want to receive an email notification when your TrueNCOA account has 1 credit, enter the number 1.

You will receive the email notification when the number of credits in your account is less than or equal to the number of credits specified in your setting. Here's an example email.

credit limit notificaiton email
This is an example credit limit notification email.

This is especially helpful for users who process a high volume of files.