Release 23

Release 23 New Features

Save Credit Card

TrueNCOA now allows you to save your credit card information in the app. This saves you time when purchasing credits. You can add a new card to your account when you make a credit purchase. To add a credit card to your TrueNCOA account, follow these steps:

1) Login to TrueNCOA

2) Open the purchase credits form

truencoa purchase form
TrueNCOA Purchase Form

3) Fill out the credit purchase form

4) Enable the Save Card checkbox

truencoa purchase form save card no cc number
TrueNCOA purchase form with Save Card enabled.

5) Click "submit" to purchase your credit(s) and save your card

6) When you re-open the purchase form you will see a new drop down selector that let's you choose from your saved cards. Select a saved card to use it for your purchase.

truencoa purchase form saved card
TrueNCOA purchase form with saved card drop down.

7) Choosing a saved card means you don't have to enter card number, expiration, or CVC.

truencoa purchase form saved card selected
TrueNCOA purchase form with saved card selected

Automatically Purchase Credits via API

TrueNCOA now supports automated purchases via API. If you have the download parameter set to true, TrueNCOA will automatically download your file provided that there are sufficient credits in your account. If there insufficient credits AND you have saved a card and set it to default, TrueNCOA will automatically purchase a single credit for $20.

Set Saved Card as Default

You need to set a saved card as your default payment method if you would like to automatically purchase credits via API. As of this release this only impacts API users.

Navigate to your user settings and enable the default check mark if you would like to save a credit card as your default payment method.

truencoa user settings icon
Click the person icon to navigate to your user settings

After you save a credit card you have the option to set it as default. Use this feature to specify which saved card you would like to use via the API. Enable the check box to save a default payment method.

truencoa payment default method
Enable the check box to save a default payment method in TrueNCOA

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