Release 20

Release 20: This Week's New Features

Advanced Mapping Options: This week we published new Advanced Mapping Options. These options include one you are already familiar with: Edit Column Headers. (Read more about this feature here: Release 10.) We have also added  the Parse My Names checkbox. Read more below in Improvements. The Advanced Mapping Options will appear on your file mapping page. Just click Advanced Options and select the option you want.


Parse My Names: We noticed some of our users files were being parsed when there was no need to. The Parse My Names feature allows users to turn off TrueNCOA's Parsing feature. (Read more here: TrueNCOA Parsing.) Files that will work best with this feature have First Name and Last Name fields where only First Name is listed in the First Name field, and Last Name is only listed in the Last Name field. To turn off Parsing, just click Advanced Options on the mapping page and uncheck the box next to Parse My Names.

Example: First Name = Jane; Last Name = Doe

Files that do not have very structured names should always have their names parsed. This means you should not turn off parsing.


  • Multiple names in the First Name field (ie: Jane & John)
  • Full Names (Jane Doe)
  • Multiple Names in Full Name (Jane Doe & John Doe)
  • Names with middle or maiden name/initial in the First Name field (Jane M)


TrueNCOA API: Due to a large amount of integrations, TrueNCOA needed to make changes to the Testing API environment. These fixes are not released to the Production API Environment. Fixes include:

  • New upload method via Id. - This allows the user to caption their File and have a separate File Name.
  • New upload method via Name - This allows the user to create and upload their File in one step.
  • Input fields will be exported exactly as they are input into the file.

You can review the API documentation at