Exporting Your Free Weekly NCOA Update Files

Free Weekly NCOA Update Files

TrueNCOA allows you to re-processes your NCOA updated file to look for recent moves Active files are those that were first processed within the last 95 days. This free, complimentary service helps you get as many standardized and updated addresses as possible.

This process runs your addresses with a record_type of either Active or Current through TrueNCOA to check for additional moves. When we find additional moves, we'll send you a notification email with a link to download them. This supplementary file will only have your new moves, so it will probably be just a few rows of data. It's FREE to download within the 95 days, and ready to use.

We don't aggregate these results, so you'll have to download the results via the custom link in each alert email.

TrueNCOA's 95 days of free updates is only available to our clients that have a 501(c)(3) status. If you are not seeing the update button on your file, please contact us at support@truencoa.com

Exporting Your Updates

To access the update file, you can navigate to your files and access the updated file with a file name: “YOUR FILE NAME – Updated YYYYMMDD”. Example: test1000.csv - Update 20170825. Once you are on this page, click the export button; you will then be redirected to the Download page. Review the fields and then click download. You will be prompted to confirm your download, click OK. Your file will now download to your computer.

This update file is free to download, BUT YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR ORIGINAL FILE before having access to download the update file. To export your original file, see Exporting NCOA DATA.

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