Deceased (DEC): Used only when addressee is deceased and mail is not properly deliverable to another person

Deceased (DEC)

The return code Deceased (DEC) is used only when it is known that the addressee is deceased and mail is not properly deliverable to another person. This endorsement must be made personally by a delivery employee and under no circumstance may it be rubber-stamped. Mail addressed in care of another is marked to show which person is deceased.

Mail can be returned by the USPS and marked with returned mail codes if it is missing NCOA forwarding information or has inaccurate or missing primary or secondary address information. This is why it is important to validate addresses before mailing.

Nixie Label

Missing forwarding information

Family members of the deceased can submit a change of address to have mail forwarded to their own address. However, in instances where forwarding information is missing or incomplete, it can pose challenges in ensuring that mail reaches the intended recipients or their family members.

Deceased suppression

Deceased suppression files allow you to eliminate deceased individuals from your list prior to mailing. Over 2 million people pass away each year in the United States. If you are not regularly monitoring your database for deceased individuals and using deceased suppression files, chances are you are wasting money and damaging your brand.

Sending mail to a former address is a waste of time and money and can result in fines and penalties from the USPS. More importantly, inadvertently communicating to a relative of a deceased constituent can leave a negative impression, embarrass your organization, and cause damage to your brand.

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Details from a sample complimentary TrueNCOA report

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