USPS Minimum Record Requirement for NCOA Processing

A minimum of 100 unique records with valid addresses are required for NCOA processing

TrueNCOA does not have a maximum record limit, however the USPS does have a minimum record requirement for NCOA processing.

A minimum of 100 unique records with valid addresses are required in order to return NCOA move data from the USPS when you process your file.

A file that does not meet this requirement will still process in TrueNCOA and return standardized addresses, however you will not receive any move data and your complimentary report will not reflect any moves.

You may include duplicate addresses if you are processing records for mulitple individuals from the same household or address as long as the names are unique and the address is valid.

You may also include multiple valid addresses for the same individual.

You can read more about additional TrueNCOA input requirements here.

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