What exactly is a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)?

The Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) is a required form by the United States Postal Service. Therefore, TrueNCOA is required to maintain a PAF for our customers to stay compliant with the Privacy Act of 1974.

USPS provides change of address information through the use of NCOA processing. For this reason, they identify mailers through the PAF.  The PAF indicates that mailers, like you, understand that the use of the COA data is restricted. In addition, licensees are also protected by the PAF if a mailer abuses the intended use of the product.

View a sample form here to learn more about the data collected by TrueNCOA.

USPS created a handy Processing Acknowledgement Form guide. Click the guide below to start reading:

Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) Guide


Remember, TrueNCOA automatically fills out a PAF for our users. See: Do I have to fill out a PAF?

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