Does the NCOA database keep more than one historical address record open on a person at a time?

Yes. TrueNCOA provides move information for any individuals or organizations that have filed a change of address with the USPS in the last 48 months.

There can be multiple moves for an individual if these moves occured within the last 48 months. We will identify the move based on the input address provided. TrueNCOA can only identify one move at a time based on your input address (location A) to a new address (location B).  During a subsequent file update, a newer move can be matched because the input information has changed.  Potentially, your file could experience this:

  1. Initial file processing: address A → address B
  2. File update: address B → address C

Running TrueNCOA regularly can help you identify moves and even multiple moves per constituent!

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