Are 48 Month (ANK) moves included in my processed file?

The 48 Month or ANK process does not return updated addresses. It only returns a flag. This flag indicates a move that occurred in the previous 19-48 months. Additionally, a Move Effective Date will be included.

ANK is also known as Address Not Known. (You can view additional fields in our Data Dictionary.) If a record is marked with the ANK flag, then the record was found in the 48 Month ANK service. As a result, you should suppress these records from your database. Or flag these records for deletion, and do not mail to them. There is a Full Service NCOA that updates all moves that occurred in the previous 19-48 months.

 -  Do you provide the Full Service NCOA?

Yes, we do! 48 Month NCOA Update uses 48-month NCOALink to provide users with updated addresses obtained by USPS in the previous 19-48 months.

If interested in running a 48-Month NCOA Update, contact for more details.

18-Month NCOA Required. Additional fees apply.

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