NCOA Processing Case Study – Higher Education Organization

Case study: Higher education organization

A higher education organization was able to identify invalid addresses on their file, update addresses for moves within the last 48 months, and improve delivery and response rates through the use of NCOA processing.

The organization updated more than 3,000 move records from a file of approximately 200,000. In addition, our complimentary TrueNCOA report was able to identify almost 12,000 non-deliverable records on the file, indicating that they should not be mailed to, for a postage savings of over $6,000.

Our quick, inexpensive NCOA processing not only identified potential savings on mailing costs, but also provided information such as residential delivery indicators and move types that gave additional insight about their alumni and donors.

Update registrar and alumni databases

Track moves and update addresses to ensure outreach and engagement efforts are as effective as possible.

Returned mail pieces are  a drain on your organization's time and resources. Someone has to review the mail, understand what went wrong, and correct the address in your database. On top of that, you’ve wasted postage, missed an engagement opportunity, and potentially lost contact with donors or alumni.

moves by date from complimentary TrueNCOA report

Getting started is easy

Register for a free account, upload/process your file, and instantly view our complimentary TrueNCOA report. If you would like to make a purchase after reviewing the total number of moves and estimated savings, your file is available for immediate download. When you purchase four credits for $50, you'll recieve a full year of NCOA updates at a savings of $30 versus our individual credit pricing.

Give us a try...

TrueNCOA will save you at least $20 and keep you USPS compliant at no extra cost if you are mailing more than 850 records each year. Learn more about unlimited, flat rate service here or email with questions.

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