NCOA Input Name and Parsing

Individuals and Households

Prior to NCOA processing, you will need to map your file's input fields to our system fields. You may either map your file's first and last name fields to our system's individual first and last name fields or, if you are using a single full name field, you may map that to our system's full name field. We recommend using a first name and last name field to minimize parsing errors, but we do accept Full Name. If you map first and last name AND fullname, you will recieve an error prompting you to map one or the other.

Business Addresses

For files containing Company Name follow these steps to make sure those records are processed correctly:

  1. If your file contains ONLY company names and company addresses, map the company name field to the Full Name Field. Make sure you check out the preview after you mapped your file. Our system auto parses names, so make sure that your company names have not been parsed incorrectly. If it was parsed incorrectly follow the directions in #2.
  2. If your file contains company name and was not parsed correctly, you’ll need to reformat your file. Create a first and last name field. Leave the First Name field blank and place all company names in the last name field. Then, reupload your file to our app, and map your First and Last Name fields to the system’s First Name and Last Name fields.
  3. If your file contains BOTH individual and company names and addresses, reformat your file. Place all company names in the Last Name Field. Then, reupload your file to our app, and map your First and Last Name fields to the system’s First Name and Last Name fields.

Our NCOA Parser

Our updated name parser identifies multiple names included in the same row, and splits them into multiple rows to ensure both names are processed. For example, if your file had a row with "John and Jane Doe" in the full name field, our parser will identify that "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" are different people and process them separately. This maximizes coverage, and can sometimes help TrueNCOA find additional moves on your file. Other examples include turning "John Doe and Jane Doe" into "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" - or "John Doe and Jane Johnson" into "John Doe" and "Jane Johnson". This saves you time and improves your deliverability rates.

Mapping Your Fields for NCOA

Input Field Example Map to This TrueNCOA System Field
First Name John First Name
Last Name Doe Last Name
Full Name John Doe Full Name
Full Name and Spouse John and Jane Doe Full Name (TrueNCOA will parse these names as seperate records)
Company Name (If file contains company names only) TrueGivers Full name
Company Name (If file contains company names and individual names) TrueGivers Last Name (view preview to verify correct parsing of names)

You can read more about the mapping and input process here.

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