Do I have to pay $20 upfront?

Nope! Before you pay, we provide a Complimentary TrueNCOA Report with no upfront payment necessary. We want you to know what results you are getting, so we include quick details about the outcomes of your file, such as:

  • Total Moves
  • DPV Deliverable Addresses
  • DPV Undeliverable Addresses
  • Move Type
  • Vacant Addresses
  • Invalid Addresses
  • Expired Addresses

Located at the top of the TrueNCOA Report is our Potential Direct Mail Cost Savings calculator. This calculator displays the amount of money you save by running your file through TrueNCOA before mailing. We calculate your potential savings by using a count of total moves, invalid addresses, and vacant addresses.

Located after the TrueNCOA Report is the Move Map. This maps to and from locations of your 18-month movers. Read more about the Move Map here.

Check out a Sample TrueNCOA Report.

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